There was once a time where the idea of flying through the air from one place to another seemed like impossible and the usually ridiculed if you thought otherwise. That was until a few inventors took a step towards the future and attempted to do something about it. And now, we have so many ways to travel from one place to another relatively with ease by either an aeroplane, trains, which could further be classified as the faster bullet trains and the slower trams, road legal vehicles such as cars, trucks etcetera and finally water transport vehicles such as ships, yachts, cruises, speed boats and more. These are your typical modes of transport that comes to your mind while discussing about the topic. However, if you noticed, we haven’t changed our methods of transport for almost thirty years even though there have been breakthroughs in each of these transport methods. The future of transport is an exciting one, with possibilities that have not been thought of before and ideas that are practically plausible. This article will discuss about the future of transport technology, so keep reading to find it out.

Self-Driving Vehicles

If you would like it or not, the world is heading towards a driverless future. A future where you get in a vehicle and the software in the car is fed the information of the place to would like to travel to, and then you sit an d relax until you reach your destination. Huge amounts of effort are being taken towards the development and improvement of artificial intelligence, this artificial intelligence would be the driver of the automobile rather than a person sitting at the wheel. You might not even have to own a vehicle in the future since all of them would be self-driving, you would only have to either hire a car or share the car with the rest of the world.


If you are not familiar with a certain businessman that owns an electric car company, you might not have heard about a project called Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a mode of travel that consists of a vacuum sealed tube and a pod that uses magnetic levitation to travel at speeds around 500 miles per hours. Prototypes have already been tested and are being tested and there are plans to construct these vacuum tubes all over cities for ease of travel as well as comfort at the same time.

There are lot more to the future of transport after driverless cars and magnetic levitation. There are also plans being made to commercialise rockets as a faster mode of air transport and underground travel systems. The future is an exciting place.

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